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Daley Seafoods provide delicious seafood products worldwide

Atlantic Snow Crab

Daley Seafoods

Daley Seafoods is a leading Canadian seafood processor and distributor with processing plants strategically located on the shores of Atlantic Canada’s clear, clean waters. Our strong commitment to environmental sustainability and high production standards is at the very heart of providing clients all over the world with Daley Seafoods premium Snow Crab, Lobster and a variety of other seafood products.

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Daley Seafoods BAIE STE. ANNE SEAFOODS plant in New Brunswick, Canada, processes premium Atlantic Canada Snow Crab and Lobster plus a variety of other seasonally available seafood species like Oysters and Smelt.

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Daley Seafoods CRUSTACES BAIE-TRINITE seafood processing plant is located on the western shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the province of Québec, Canada. The plant processes both Atlantic Canada Snow Crab and Lobster.

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Daley Seafoods corporate affiliate, FIT Industrial, provides marine and industrial services to maritime shipping firms and customized processing equipment to leading North American seafood companies.

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Daley Seafoods for premiere northern Atlantic seafood products

Snow Crab – also known Queen Crab
American Lobster - Homarus americanus

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